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by maria | Last Updated: October 15, 2020

Facial Aesthetics: Guide to Regain Youthful Facial Glow

Everyone is uniquely beautiful, but aging is an unfortunate reality everyone has to face. Even the highest level of skincare, nutritious diets, and healthy lifestyle sometimes fail to give the desired results. With age, the skin loses elasticity, and weakening the immune system aggravates skin related problems. This becomes more noticeable in the case of women, especially those with relatively thinner skins. Thankfully, the advancements made in medical science and allied technologies are here to help you regain shining skin and youthful appearance.      

What is Facial Aesthetics? 

Blame it on increasing pollution level, lifestyle challenges, work-life, or chemically-loaded modern foods; fading shine and youthfulness of skin is a reality. If not addressed and taken care of in time, the situation could worsen further at a faster pace. Facial aesthetics, which involves cosmetic treatments, highlights your facial features and enhances natural beauty. The treatment is designed to soften expression lines and define facial contours. A cosmetic dentist could use facial aesthetic treatments to make your smile better by:

Your facial aesthetic consultant will enhance the forehead, cheeks, lips, and other wrinkle areas using cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, Botox, and vampire facials. With a focus on correcting facial symmetry and removal of aging signs, facial aesthetics can help you regain a youthful appearance and lead life more confidently.

What Are Common Facial Aesthetic Treatment Types? 

Facial Aesthetic treatments are all about enhancing natural beauty through cosmetic removal of aging signs like wrinkles, skin dropping, and other marks. Thankfully, there are several advanced treatments with amazing results to help you regain youthful charm. Facial Aesthetics is normally categorized into two major types in which injectables are used to either block nerve signals to muscles to relax expression or to re-volumize and enhance facial contours.

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Botox is one of the most well-known facial aesthetics treatments with remarkable anti-aging results. Purified botulinum toxins are used to prevent the occurrence and reduction of aging signs. It is technically an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer. Anti-wrinkle Injections block nerve signals temporality and contract underlying muscles resulting in the removal of facial lines. The process is minimally invasive and safe to get amazing anti-wrinkle results.  

Dermal Fillers

These fillers are designed to replenish the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which is known for its hydrating properties. Dermal fillers are used for adding volume to the skin and fill deep facial lines for reshaping facial features. It is highly effective in reversing aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, lip enhancement, and dark circle removal. Your cosmetic consultant will test your skin and administer dermal fillers, like Juvederm, using thin needles. The effect normally lasts for six months or more depending on your skin condition.        

Aging cannot be stopped but could be postponed. Facial aesthetics could help you enhance natural beauty safely. However, you should be cautious about unsafe practices by beauty therapists. It is always better to consult a professional doctor or dentist and go for anti-aging facial aesthetic treatment.  

Maria Giovanisci is an enterprising dentist from London. Maria graduated from the University of Murcia and began her professional career in her own dental clinic before, she decided to embark on a joint project with her two colleagues. Aside from contributing on this blog, she also works in the public health sector at the new Torrevieja Hospital.

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