How Much Does Invisalign Cost and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

by maria | Last Updated: July 4, 2020

Invisalign cost in the UK starts from £1500 and goes up to £5000. So, how much is Invisalign? The answer is super individual.Cheapest Invisalign clear braces price is £1249 while the high-end Invisalign Comprehensive aligners starts at £3500. Average monthly payment plan starts at £50.

Invisalign cost in the UK

How much you might pay for orthodontic treatment like Invisalign depends on several factors such as:

When you look at these factors, it quickly comes to mind that your Invisalign treatment will be unique to your needs. However, there is a national average price for the procedure. The Consumer Guide for Dentistry puts the national average in the UK somewhere between £2,000–£4,500. Invisalign’s UK website also says treatments range from £1,500–£5,000.  In contrast, traditional metal braces cost anywhere from £1,500–£4,000.

Again, your unique needs will determine the price. For instance, whether you are using traditional metal brackets or Invisalign, it may take a little while to correct overbites or crooked teeth.

Therefore, the right way to figure out your cost of treatment would be consulting with your orthodontist.

Nevertheless, the first thing you might notice is that the average Invisalign price seems higher than the traditional approach. However, there’s a huge reason why over 8 million people across the world choose Invisalign. One such advantage is the ability to remove your aligners before you brush your teeth or eat your food can make much difference.

To help you figure out the next steps, here’s a guide on the ways to save on the Invisalign treatment. That way, you can also figure out whether Invisalign is worth your money.

Ways to save money on Invisalign

There are strategies and programs to decrease the cost of orthodontics or spread it out over time. If you’re looking for ways to save on Invisalign and want to avoid getting ripped off at the same time, consider:

Dental insurance cover for Invisalign

Most dental insurance plans include orthodontic treatment, which means they cover Invisalign braces in the same as traditional braces. However, you must contact your insurance company first to determine how much of your payment, your insurance can cover. Also, note that not all dental insurance plans will reimburse on Invisalign costs.

Insurance Coverage versus Health Savings Accounts

Your type of insurance coverage may also influence the extent (or lack) of cover for your Invisalign treatment. Most state-subsidized plans like Medicaid only include traditional braces. Private insurance plans, on the other hand, may cover a significant part of your Invisalign costs for children. Additionally, your employer-provided health savings accounts such as HRA, HAS, FSA, and LCFSC plans may provide funds for Invisalign from funds generated overtime. Therefore, you should contact your insurance provider about the avenue for Invisalign treatment. You can also ask your employer about creating a health savings account to help cover your Invisalign costs.

Monthly Instalments

Although you can pay for your treatment upfront (with significant financial benefits), you can spread your treatment to meet your budget. Most orthodontists allow you to pay a small portion of your treatment costs every month. These plans are usually flexible, ensuring that you can alter your monthly instalments whenever your financial situations change. However, ensure you find out if you will be required to pay an accrued interest monthly.

Healthcare Credit Cards

Your healthcare credit cards are also a beneficial way to cover your orthodontic care when you need immediate financial assistance. Most healthcare credit cards offer significant savings on dental care costs, including Invisalign.

Promotional Deals & Seasonal Savings

You may also snag up a promotional deal with your orthodontics, which can significantly decrease your Invisalign costs. Most offices run promotional deals or seasonal savings regularly, such as family discounts, holiday deals, or back-to-school events. Ensure to check your provider’s website to find out if there are any open offers on Invisalign, or ask when scheduling your dental appointment.

Seek Treatment from an Orthodontist, Not a Dentist

Typically, a licensed orthodontist will offer cheaper Invisalign payments than a general dentist. Why? Your orthodontist has increased chances of dealing with a higher number of Invisalign cases than the dentist, who deals with different dental cases. Because she may have a higher number of patients, she pays a lower lab fee for making Invisalign aligners for each patient. Invisalign usually rewards high-volume clinics with lesser lab fees per patient, so your orthodontist saves more and passes those savings to you.

More Experienced Orthodontists = Lower Prices

An orthodontist with a high level of Invisalign experience may also help you achieve the most considerable amount of savings. Invisalign usually ranks orthodontists by their level of experience with their product. Diamond and Diamond Invisalign Providers have the most savings because they have a higher level of experience and treat the greatest number of Invisalign patients. Therefore, you may likely save more with Diamond and Diamond Plus Invisalign providers than orthodontists with Silver, Gold, or Platinum rating.

Aftercare costs

After your Invisalign works, you can expect to use a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position. These retainers can be cemented to your teeth or made removable and usually cost about £80 – £400. Generally, your orthodontist may require that you wear your retainers daily for a while before you can use them at night only.

Invisalign vs Braces Comparison Table

Invisalign Traditional braces
Cost £1,500–£5,500 £1,500–£4,500
Treatment Time The treatment period depends on the case. Worn for 20-22 hours/day. Treatment depends on the case. Must be worn 24/7, round-the-clock.
Maintenance Change aligners every couple of weeks. Clean them by brushing and rinsing with water. Can only clean them by brushing the teeth or flossing or using a tiny interdental brush.
Office visits Initial consultation, plus regular visits to the doctor and final consultation. Initial consultation, regular dental visits to tighten braces, and final visit to remove braces.
Aftercare Needs a retainer to sustain results. Needs a retainer to maintain results.
Ideal for Designed to be invisible and excellent for everyone who wishes to make their orthodontic treatment discreet. Ideal for complex dental issues and no worries about losing them by taking them out.

If you worry about the cost of the treatment, then you can take advantage of the different payment options Invisalign offers. For instance, we offer flexible monthly payments, which spreads for your costs of the Invisalign braces over a longer treatment period. Here’s the interest-free monthly payments structure for invisalign treatment.

Although achieving a beautiful smile is the reason many people opt for orthodontics treatment, but it isn’t always the case. Bad bites or malocclusions can cause jaw issues and increase the risks of wears of the teeth and teeth decay.

Crooked teeth are also difficult to clean and can also increase the risk of decay or periodontal disease. These tooth alignment issues can make a person conscious of their appearance, especially their smile.

Before now, the only solution to most tooth alignment issues were ugly metal brackets. Now patients use Invisalign, which offers assess to a better, and more comfortable way to straighten their teeth without the problems of traditional braces. However, your choice depends on the cost of your treatment and varies according to your unique situation.

So, it’s okay to have questions like – how much do Invisalign braces cost? Why should you choose Invisalign over the traditional route? Hope we answered all your questions.

Maria Giovanisci is an enterprising dentist from London. Maria graduated from the University of Murcia and began her professional career in her own dental clinic before, she decided to embark on a joint project with her two colleagues. Aside from contributing on this blog, she also works in the public health sector at the new Torrevieja Hospital.

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