How Much do Invisible Braces Cost in UK?

by maria | Last Updated: August 9, 2020

Everyone with misaligned teeth wants to straighten teeth but avoids braces treatment because of the embarrassing look of the traditional metallic braces. Thanks to the advancement made in orthodontic treatments in recent years, more and more people with crooked teeth are going for invisible braces to straighten teeth. These high-quality plastic-made invisible braces keep you away from the unaesthetic look of wire and brackets. Designed to deliver desired teeth alignment results in the quickest possible time, these invisible braces are relatively more comfortable to wear. The ease and flexibility to remove these clear braces make brushing and flossing easy, thereby you maintain your oral health and get better teeth alignment results. The invisibility gives you the freedom and confidence to smile freely.


Your orthodontist will investigate your dental system and recommend clear aligners suitable for your teeth straightening goals. Based on the complexity of your dental crowding and spacing, your orthodontist will tell you what kind of results you could expect in the defined time. S/he will recommend either clear aligner or lingual braces depending on your aesthetic preferences. If you maintain oral hygiene, you can get perfectly straight teeth in less than 12 months.

Invisible Braces – Brief Overview

If you think traditional metallic braces look horrible, the invisible braces or clear aligners are for you. High-quality plastic made aligners are designed to fit easily on the dental system. Although the core treatment is the same, the application of pressure to shift teeth in the desired direction is more effective and comfortable with clear aligners. Near invisibility of the transparent plastic material gives you the freedom to smile with confidence as it blends well with the natural color of the teeth. Unlike traditional metallic braces, these clear braces are very easy to remove, so you get the flexibility to remove it before eating or regular brushing-flossing routine.

How Invisible Braces Work

The core idea is to use pressure over a period of time to shift teeth in the desired direction. Clear aligners are designed to fit your dental system so that teeth could be aligned using a series of custom-fit aligners. Although these are removable, orthodontists recommend wearing at least 22 hours daily to get the desired result in less than 12 months. You have to wear each clear aligner for a specific period and move to an advanced one as the treatment progresses.

Gradual tooth movement is achieved using clear aligners designed based on digital modeling of your complex dental system using 3D imaging technology. Your orthodontist used the technology to map your dental system and plan treatment accordingly. You have to follow clear aligners wearing instructions to get the best teeth straightening results in the defined time. Whether it is Invisalign, Clear Path, or any other brand, you can correct your crooked teeth, over/under-bite issues using clear aligners in less than one year.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

Disadvantages of Clear Aligners:

You can get almost similar results with lingual braces, which are traditional braces attached to the inner surface to teeth. It is relatively more aesthetic compared to traditional braces. However, you might have to face speech difficulty in the early days.

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