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by maria | Last Updated: January 12, 2021

Smile is undeniably the strongest attraction and you can smile freely only when you are confident that your teeth are in perfect shape. Any issue with your dental system might make you nervous or excessively self-conscious, thus affect your appeal. You are not alone, as millions have dental flaws of varying degrees, which could be corrected very easily with dental Lumineers.    

What Are Dental Lumineers? 


Electric white flawless teeth of Hollywood stars surprise you? Well, they invest a great deal of time and money to keep teeth in perfect shape, but you can also have a perfect smile with shining teeth without spending much using dental Lumineers in just two visits to your dentist. Made of super-thin sheets of porcelain, dental Lumineers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures to improvise dental aesthetics.

Your dentist will cement porcelain sheets on the top of your teeth to cover discoloration, restore a chipped tooth, align crooked teeth, eliminate spacing, and reshape misshapen teeth. Unlike other invasive dental cosmetic procedures, dental Lumineers are simple, easy, and painless procedures. Since it is wafer-thin and reflects light like natural tooth enamel you will regain the confidence to smile freely.   

What Flaws Dental Lumineers Can Fix?  

Perfection is an illusion, but improvisation is a reality. Dental Lumineers, a super-thin porcelain sheet made in dental labs, offer you a realistic cosmetic restoration solution to have a near-perfect smile. If you are looking for a simple, easy, and affordable smile solution, consult a dentist near you to discuss cosmetic flaws and the suitability of dental Lumineers to fix them in no time. Here are some of the dental flaws, Lumineers could fix and give you a perfect smile:

Discolored Teeth

Whether it is your food habit or age, discoloration or staining is bound to happen. If you are looking for an alternative for teeth whitening procedures because of sensitivity or other issues, then dental Lumineers are a great choice to hide discoloration or stains. It is better to discuss oral hygiene issues with your doctor before opting for dental Lumineers to hide discoloration.  

Chipped and Broken Teeth

If your front tooth is chipped or broken, dental Lumineers can help you cover it. Your dentist will shape your tooth and cover it with bright white Lumineers. It is highly effective for fixing misshapen or damaged teeth.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between front teeth could be a matter of concern, not just for looks but eating and cleaning habits. You can regain your confidence to share a smile with dental Lumineers as it covers the gap between teeth. The wafer-thin Lumineers rests on your front teeth and shines like natural enamel.     

Crooked Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth make you over conscious while smiling? If it is the case, you can have a perfect smile without wearing the often recommended braces treatment. Dental Lumineers can help you get a straight smile almost instantly. Most importantly, it will help you brush and floss effectively.     

Difference Between Dental Lumineers and Veneers

Dentists recommend both dental Lumineers and veneers to fix dental flaws with a goal to improvise smile perfection. Before you consult an orthodontist to discuss the suitability of Lumineers, here are some of the differences between veneers and Lumineers you should know:

Take Home Message

Lumineers are great, but to fix relatively minor dental flaws. Your orthodontist will examine your dental structure and recommend dental Lumineers to fix minor issues. You will have the confidence to smile as your flaws will remain hidden under the super-thin Lumineers. Depending on the location and reputation of your dentist, the cost of dental Lumineers could vary between £700 and £1000. 

Maria Giovanisci is an enterprising dentist from London. Maria graduated from the University of Murcia and began her professional career in her own dental clinic before, she decided to embark on a joint project with her two colleagues. Aside from contributing on this blog, she also works in the public health sector at the new Torrevieja Hospital.

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